My Mount Toubkal Adventure

This is a film of my experience climbing Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa. Located in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. I take you from the busy streets of Marakesh to the peak of the mountain, showing the pitfalls and magnificent scenery and meeting the local people and sharing their culture. All of this […]

Adore Decor

It was a great pleasure to film a stylish wedding venue at Manor By The Lake. A wonderful setting for someone planning their great day!

Barkby Pubs Case Study

Times are difficult at the moment and in particular, the hospitality industry is in crisis, especially with recruitment – finding the right people is a tough challenge – capturing the essence of a company through the people who work for it is the way to go. I noticed that other pubs in the hospitality industry […]

LAP Research | Case Study

Four working NHS physicians – two surgeons, one physiatrist and one leading researcher. LAP Research funds vital research into fighting chronic and rare diseases – a potential cure for pancreatitis may have been found! How do we create awareness for what we do and raise money whilst we all have a demanding day job? Much […]

Energy Champion Case Study

I created an engaging animated video to help in the recruitment of Energy Champions (Volunteers). When planning the project, I wanted to create a mix of pictorial and computer animation on the screen. I took inspiration from UKTV Original Productions Branding which aimed to capture the creative process involved in their productions. I loved the […]

Act on Energy | Home Visit

An example of the incredible services they are providing for the community. My aim for this video was to be person-focused and create a narrative through the client. I was very happy with the results!

Act on Energy Case Study

I created a video showing the company’s history, structure and objectives. This showed the working premises of the company together with introducing the CO and some of the personalities within the company. The company was formed with the objective of showing methods of protecting the environment through energy saving and utilisation. Act on Energy provides […]