Four working NHS physicians – two surgeons, one physiatrist and one leading researcher. LAP Research funds vital research into fighting chronic and rare diseases – a potential cure for pancreatitis may have been found! How do we create awareness for what we do and raise money whilst we all have a demanding day job?

LAP Research

Much of the funds come from people whose lives have been directly saved by these physicians. One of their main fundraising events is a high-profile polo tournament which attracts high net-worth donors.

The main challenge is to promote awareness of LAP Research whilst not associating it with an exclusive event that potentially alienates rather than engages.

Our telling of the story, highlighting the fusion of the sport and attendees with the objectives of LAP Research, chimed with donors and followers alike creating an impactful and surprising video.

I was particularly proud of the open shots of people which signifies that these diseases could affect any one of us

The video, and its social media presence and engagement, exceeded the target for annual revenue alone. I also learned a lot about polo too…